#2 Domain & DNS

October 15, 2022

Let's connect a domain to our server. This will save us from having to type the IP address when logging in and calling our server's APIs in the future.

I already own the domain jurajmajerik.com. I'm just going to add the api. prefix before it and assign it to the server IP.

My domain is managed by GoDaddy. In their interface, I added a new A record with the name api and pointed it to my server's IPv4 address.

By doing this, we are updating the Domain Name System (DNS) with a new mapping (domain -> IP address). The changes take a few hours to propagate to all DNS servers. Once that happens, I can log in to my server like so:

➜ ~ ssh root@api.jurajmajerik.com
root@api.jurajmajerik.com's password:
Welcome to Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS (GNU/Linux 5.4.0-110-generic x86_64)